Online sex storys

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Online sex storys

After my baby was cremated, the only thing that I had to be in touch with what I felt was a part of me was the ashes.

Thanks to Stephen for sharing what he’s learning with us!They kept me in the shelter for minors for a few months.“I found out that the man who bought me was 33 years-old, that he had a criminal record as a sex offender, and had been involved with minors in the past. After a few months in the care of the police department, I realized that I was once again pregnant. He promised me that he would be gentle with me if I came back to his place.Our diet was basically rice and beans and nothing else.At the main market, at least in my case, I was 14, about to be 15, I was sold to have sex with other women. He never allowed me to see my baby and my baby was never provided with the medical care he needed, even when he was in the process of dying, he never thought about providing care for my baby.

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Without the support of the police department, being 15, I didn’t have any option other than to believe in him again. But, after the birth of my baby, as soon as my baby was born, he put me under the “care” of the immigration officers.