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You must exit that browser and then open the either from the start-menu or the desktop icon.

It will take you directly to the Canvas log in screen, where you can then log in and browse through your course to locate the exam.

If you have multiple accounts, Gmail will list all accounts and you will need to select which account you would like to check.

is a FREE service provided to all students that sends alert notifications to cell phones, home phones, pagers, and email informing students of College closings and class cancelations due to emergency situations such as hazardous weather conditions.

To log in to the LMS account for Southern Union, click on the " USERNAME: Your first name initial complete last name 2 digit birthday @mail.PASSWORD: Your SUSCC student ID number the first two letters of your last name.

Example: John Smith who was born September 3, 1980 whose SUSCC student number is 206547 would use: Username: [email protected]: 206547sm Note: You will not be able to sign in to , if you experience problems viewing or accessing links or documents, you should assure that you are using one of the supported web browsers. Some browsers like Internet Explorer, may not work appropriately with the Canvas Technical Support If you cannot login to Canvas, email [email protected]

Example, John Michael Smith who was born September 3, 1980 whose Student Number is 206547 would use: Username: [email protected]: 206547sm New students not allowing enough time for email account to be created.

New email accounts will be created during the application process after you have submitted your photo ID to the Admissions Office. Your email is created during the application process and is not updated when you change your name on record.

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This can be accomplished by lifting and rotating your webcam or laptop computer to show all areas.

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