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We waited until we were cleared and last off the runway for the night , walked out of the cockpit, took a knee and deplaned.

They’re not going anywhere until tomorrow.” Looks like the group of thugs should have just considered themselves lucky they’re allowed to make millions for playing a game and stood with respect like they’re told to do in the league rulebook.

Both the pilot and co-pilot of the Boeing 737 the Saints use to travel are combat-hardened American heroes.

They flew sorties over Baghdad with Saddam’s best weapons firing back.

The New Orleans Saints made the mistake of once again disrespecting our veterans, our country and our flag.

It is not if we leave without anything.'The EU needs to know that if they don't do a deal they will have a huge hole in their budgets up until at least 2021.'But Mr Rees-Mogg said he would 'not recommend' walking away from the talks, insisting it was best to put points 'firmly but politely' and stay engaged.They fought with their lives for your freedom and watched many of their friends die.Today they took a stand for those brave souls: “We couldn’t be a party to the disrespect.Les travaux spéciaux consistent en la reprise partielle de la plateforme du tramway de la ligne T1 ainsi que de plusieurs composantes des systèmes d’énergie.Depuis plusieurs mois, Casa Transport planifie la réalisation de ces travaux spéciaux qui nécessiteront un arrêt de l’exploitation à partir du 14 août 2017 dans les délais.

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Selon le calendrier établi, un arrêt est prévu sur une période de 10 jours avec une reprise de l’exploitation le 23 août 2017 concernant la Branche principale Sidi Moumen — Facultés.

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