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Meta description tags, although not important from search engine ranking but its very important to get high click-through rate from search engine length.This is the text generally shown in the search results below the title. Therefore, it is recommended that you use this tag. Although this is not relevant to Search Engine Optimization, but this text is shown in search results page, this is the first impression of your website the user sees.Domain Age increases the reliability of your website and/or the product you are selling, furthermore it shows your customers that you are serious about your work and that you are in this for the long run.You can register your web domain for a period of upto 10 years.Recommended length of meta description is from 150 to 160 chars.

Therefore, it is a must to incorporate language tag and you must make sure you that Google detects your webpage language the same as specified by you.

However, search engines may create their own titles and descriptions, if not explicitly provided.

Moreover, these may change based on the search query.

Furthermore, when users translate your webpage to any other language, a source language makes it easy for web translators.

Dublin Core is used to provide metadata for resource discovery.

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